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Partners Guide

Sylq is a pioneer payment solution allowing brick and mortar merchants to accept fiat and crypto payments from their phone or tablet by generating a QR code. We provide a friction-less, cheaper alternative to card and cash payments, combined with the most effective client engagement features.

The Sylq icons for Bank-to-bank and Crypto-to-fiat payments are included in your payment page. When they click on it, clients of your merchants can make the payment through their bank or crypto wallet. At the end of the process, Qori provides you the details of the payment that was processed. You will find below how the Qori icons can be included in your site and how you will receive the details of the transactions using Qori provided tools.

Integrating our easy API is the fastest way for you to get paid directly from the customer’s preferred bank account. This keeps payments safe, fast, and flexible. Our API is published by Swagger and based on OpenAPI Specification (3.0.1) to comply with market standards.